The pacing guide shows the allocation of the instructional year for each content area standard and objective. The pacing guide is not a lesson plan. It is a guide, time-management tool, of what standards and objectives will be taught during a particular week. It ensures that every standard and objective is taught and assessed in the classroom. Departments and grade levels will continue to participate in collaborative discussions around pacing of particular standards, focus lessons, instructional strategies, and common formative assessments. The following questions should be answered while evaluating a pacing guide:

1. What do students need to know by the end of the school year?

2. What do teachers need to teach by the end of the school year?

3. How much time do teachers need to teach each standard and objective within the school year?

4. How will we assess what students know and plan for classroom interventions?

Pacing Guides K-8
Pacing Guides High School



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