My teaching certificate is going to expire this year.  What do I need to do?

Official information is available on the Michigan Department of Education website.  Please refer all questions regarding renewal of teaching certificates to the Michigan Department of Education.  The site provides a comprehensive list of the staff member in charge of each area.  This list is called Teacher Certification Contacts.  Their website has a guide entitled Facts About Teacher Certification that contains detailed information about requirements for each renewal and individual certification.   A quick summary of that information is below.  This summary is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to certificate renewal and all decisions on certification renewal are made by the Office of Professional Preparation.  Please refer to the link for Teacher Certification Contacts for the person appropriate to your certification.

What is the procedure for using DPPD (District Provided Professional Development) Credit Hours, SCECH Hours and/or Graduate School Hours to renew my teaching certificate? 

Please click on the following link to get detailed information about DPPD credit hours:

When I have all my documentation ready to get my certificate renewed, what do i do?

All teachers now use an online certification system called MOECS. This stands for the Michigan Online Educator Certification System. Every educator needs to create an account at the following website

Once you create a log-in, enter all your documenting information, you then can pay for the certificate renewal online. Then, it allows you to print a certificate on the spot. Certificates are no longer mailed.

I just received my new teaching certificate through MOECS.  What do I do with it?

By law, an original copy of your teaching certificate must be kept in your personnel file in Human Resources.  When you receive your new/renewed certificate please have it notarized.  Currently, Teri Hoeft is a registered notary and can do this for you.  Do not sign the certificate until you are in the presence of the notary.

After it is notarized please bring the original certificate marked “Employer Copy” to the Human Resources Department to be kept in your file. 

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