What do I do if I get hurt?

We are committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees. Accident and injury prevention are our main goal, but if you are injured while on the job, we want to make sure you receive the care needed to get well again.

We’ve partnered with ProMedica Herrick Hospital to ensure quality medical treatment and a smooth process for workers’ compensation claims. Medical treatment outside of ProMedica Herrick Hospital may NOT be eligible for compensation under the state’s workers’ compensation law.

All employees should be familiar with the steps necessary to seek treatment for injuries occurring at work. Our procedure is listed below.

When an employee is injured:

Where do I document my mentor training?

The Monthly Mentor form should be completed monthly by the mentor and assigned by the building principal.  Mentors will be scheduled release time with building principal as per the T.E.A. contract.  (Article XXIII:  Mentor Teacher Program, Item I)

What do I do when I need to hire someone?

The Request to Hire Personnel form must be filled out to begin the recruiting process. This form will indicate the necessary information to post the position. The Recruiting Strategy form is a tool that is designed to aid to the recruiting process so key attributes are identified early in the interview process.






The main phone line for TPS is currently out of service. If you need to reach us please use 517-424-7318. Sorry of the inconvenience.